Learn Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing Free Video Course

Develop ethical hacking skills for penetration testing and network defense. Beginner to advanced.

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What you will learn from this Course:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Better Practices For Network Security

Requirements for this Course:

  • Basic computer skills. It is assumed that students will already know how to boot their machine, use a web browser, and perform simple tasks.
  • No prior Linux, programming or hacking knowledge is required.
  • Computer with a minimum of 4GB ram.
  • Operating system: Windows or Linux. 64-bit is strongly recommended, and may be required for some applications.


Welcome to Learn Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing!

This course will show you the methods utilized by proficient infiltration analyzers and moral programmers around the world. Before it’s finished, you will have the right stuff to hack situations and organizations in the same ways that a “dark cap” would, just as the information to get those equivalent frameworks against such interruption.

Regardless of whether you are an IT proficient or simply beginning, this class is for you. No earlier information on hacking or coding is required. Everything is spread out and clarified bit by bit through the useful shows. You won’t just dominate the devices of moral hacking, you will likewise gain proficiency with the hypothesis behind their utilization. The abilities you obtain here will give you the central information expected to keep up in this consistently developing field.

What you’ll realize:

Module One: Setting Up The Lab

  • Instructions to introduce VirtualBox on a Windows working framework.
  • Instructions to arrangement double booting for Windows and Linux
  • Instructions to introduce Kali Linux on a convenient USB gadget with steadiness
  • Instructions to introduce Kali Linux (or the pentesting distro of your decision) on Virtualbox
  • A more profound clarification of VirtualBox designs.
  • Instructions to introduce Metasploitable on VirtualBox to fill in as a preparation focus for the improvement of your abilities

Module Two: Information Gathering

Any fruitful entrance test starts with the data gathering stage. Regardless of whether your goal is immediate organization entrance, social designing, or essentially research, knowing an objective before you continue is urgent to triumph.

  • Figure out how to direct profound exploration against an objective or element utilizing open source insight instruments.
  • Use OSINT methods to turn into your own private examiner!
  • Tenderly progress from fun graphical apparatuses to Linux order line instruments consistently.
  • Gain the abilities to assemble nitty gritty profiles of any subject, and build up assault vectors for later abuse!
  • Come out as comfortable with and at last expert organization checking with instruments like Nmap and Zenmap.
  • Figure out how to distinguish shortcomings in any framework, be it an organization or even a corporate construction.
  • Consider going all in with the rudiments of taking advantage of a couple of these shortcomings in an easy to understand GUI climate.

With the abilities you master in this module, you can essentially turn into your own Private Eye. Open-source knowledge is the method of things to come, and the measure of data that is by and large accessible online with regards to any subject is really stunning. Fledglings will observe these devices are simple to utilize, and the change from graphical utilities to the order line ought to be both fun and delicate.

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Module Three: Vulnerability Analysis

  • Go further than you have up to this point. Use what you have realized as of now to find weaknesses in electronic applications and administrations!
  • Gain proficiency with the instruments and strategies to start taking advantage of these weaknesses.
  • Foster the abilities to review administrations. Use what you realize here to solidify the security of online administrations that you make and guard.
  • Ace the very procedures that “dark caps” will use against such administrations.

With attention to web administrations, module three proceeds with the progress into order line-based utilities for no particular reason and simple to dominate steps.

Module Four: Web Vulnerability, Recon, SQL Injection and Database Exploitation

Take the essentials you learned in the earlier module to a higher level!

  • Become the best at finding “hard to spot” weaknesses in web administrations and organization frameworks.
  • Figure out how to utilize the incredible “Burpsuite” in a few simple examples.
  • Become talented with SQL Injection and SQLMAP, and figure out how no site or data set is really protected!
  • Fundamental prologue to intermediaries. Get familiar with the essential ideas that will be developed later for remaining protected and unknown while leading activities.
  • Bug the web for insider facts like an ace, with only a couple of straightforward key strokes!

Since you have figured out how to spot weaknesses, the essentials of acquiring web access, and how to get secure data sets, the time has come to take your preparation to a higher stage with what you’ll realize in the accompanying module.

Module Five: Password Cracking

  • Take the methods of “beast driving” passwords and logins to a higher level.
  • Make custom wordlists that are shrewdly appropriate for a specific objective. Enormously speed up and achievement pace of breaking any given secret word even on less incredible PC frameworks.
  • Become familiar with about Hashes and how to break them. Unravel the coded data from any data set.
  • Acquire experience with cross-stage devices, permitting you to lead your breaking activities from any working framework.
  • Acquire the information to utilize Rainbow Tables, which will make the way for assaulting even the most impenetrable qualification security.
  • Get and utilize unbelievable apparatuses like HashCat and John The Ripper effortlessly.

Progress from the breaking of passwords, logins, and data set security straightforwardly into the 6th module. Here you’ll gain proficiency with hacking WIFI organizations, and what you can do whenever you’ve infiltrated the organization.

Module six: WIFI Hacking

  • Simple to-learn presentation covers every one of the essential orders you’ll have to begin.
  • All significant strategies covered, from old to new.
  • Distinguish weak passages (that you have legitimate consent to test) and watch them fall!
  • Figure out how to get the scrambled “handshake” from any switch gadget and break it.
  • Realize how to manage network access once you accomplish it.
  • Find out with regards to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults and how to prepare for them!
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As both a framework executive and moral programmer, knowing the shortcomings in any Wifi network is fundamental. Regardless of whether you are attempting to get your grandma’s web association against the child nearby, or the inward organization of a Fortune 500 organization, these abilities are significant.

By this point, you’ll have taken in every one of the nuts and bolts. You’ll know how to scope your objectives, accumulate data, recognize weaknesses, break passwords, and accomplish admittance to get networks. Presently the pleasant starts…

Module Seven: Metasploit

The bread and butter of moral hacking, this module centers altogether around the Metasploit structure. While different talks can be treated as “independent”, the recordings in this segment should be seen all together beginning to end. You will take all that you have adapted up until this point and make an interpretation of it into genuine activity.

  • Ace Metasploit and it’s graphical cousin, Aritmage.
  • Take what you have realized up until this point and use it to infiltrate any framework.
  • Lead your investigations utilizing your own virtual machines as targets.
  • Feel the fulfillment of taking advantage of that large number of shortcomings you’ve found against frameworks you by and by own, and the unfortunate acknowledgment that no framework is genuinely secure.
  • Use what you figure out how to solidify the security of the frameworks you ensure. Realize what to search for to try not to be hacked yourself!
  • Figure out how to “snare” programs and assume responsibility for the data going through them, without the end-client in any event, staying alert that anything is going on!
  • Produce your own malware for testing purposes inside the Metasploit system. No earlier coding information required!
  • Utilize “crypters” all alone malware, with the goal that it will sidestep even the most exceptional identification filters.
  • Figure out how to distinguish such “masked” malware when it is utilized against you!
  • It isn’t sufficient to just get entrance. Figure out how to raise your advantages once you are inside an infiltrated framework.
  • It isn’t sufficient to just become administrator. Figure out how to set up a drawn out presence on a framework or organization as “diligent access”. Try not to buckle down over and over. Buckle down once, then, at that point, receive the rewards of what you currently own!

Module 8: Encryption and Anonymity

  • Figure out how to make encoded holders to get significant documents for both capacity and travel.
  • Figure out how to completely encode any Windows working framework, from XP right to Windows 10.
  • Figure out how to make an encoded Decoy, just as a scrambled Hidden, Windows working framework. Done effectively, nobody will actually want to recognize and demonstrate the presence of the secret framework!
  • Figure out how to make an encoded Decoy, Hidden AND Linux working framework, then, at that point, boot into whichever one you need. However, this one isn’t for weak willed!
  • Figure out how to eradicate a drive or even a whole framework in a solid way, so that no hint of your exercises can be found by even not really settled digital legal sciences!
  • Become amazing at PGP (Pretty Good Encryption). Send and get correspondences with military level security. Figure out how individuals stay mysterious while as yet demonstrating who they are utilizing PGP Public and Private keys.
  • See how to effectively check any record or correspondence, making altering unthinkable.
  • Become familiar with about the TOR secrecy organization, and the Deepweb (otherwise known as DarkNet). Guarantee secure lines of correspondence with other entrance analyzers and moral programmers across the world.
  • Come out as comfortable with the TAILS working framework and how to utilize it rapidly and effectively on any PC framework through a live boot. Abandon no hint of your exercises on the framework whenever you are finished!
  • Find out about and execute Virtual Private Network (VPN) security to disguise everything that you do online from different programmers and vigilant web access suppliers. Parody your IP and Geo Location data effortlessly. Get around territorial squares and set up secure VPN burrows through network firewalls.
  • Use ProxyChains in Linux to additionally get your entrance testing exercises.
  • Comprehend the idea of “digital money” thus called “Blockchain” innovation.
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Also in light of the fact that no amount of safety and secrecy is ever genuinely enough, gain proficiency with virtual private servers in the following module.

Module Nine: Virtual Private Servers

  • Realize what a VPS is and how to choose one that is reasonable to your necessities.
  • Use what you have realized such a long ways to associate “safely” to a VPS that you have picked, then, at that point, direct your exercises from the VPS itself, which may likewise be made to utilize a similar association security techniques.
  • Figure out how Virtual Private Servers can be utilized as “Order and Control” stations for BotNets, and what to search for as a framework overseer who is confronting consistent assaults.
  • Find out about supposed free “local area” BotNets with the goal that you can shield against them.

Who this course is for:

  • Penetration testers.
  • Network administrators.
  • Ethical hackers.

Course content:

  • Module 1 – Setting up the Lap
  • Module 2 – Information Gathering
  • Module 3 – Vulnerability Analysis
  • Module 4 – Web Vulnerability,Recon,AQL, Injection & Database Exploitation
  • Module 5 – Password Cracking
  • Module 6 – Wifi Hacking
  • Module 7 – Metasploit & Amitage
  • Module 8 – Encryption & Anonymity
  • Module 9 – Virtual Private Servers