Figma UI UX Design Essentials


Everyone. My name is Dan Scott, and welcome to Figma essentials together. You and I are going to learn everything we need to know to get started. As our UX designer in Figma, we’ll use this, uh, UI UX design tool to create beautiful interfaces. We’ll also make some engaging prototypes, and also we will look at some of the real-world expectations of you as a new UX designer. Now, this course is aimed at people who are new to design new to user experience design, even if you’re not even entirely sure what UX design is. Don’t worry.

We will start right at the beginning and work our way through step by step first. We’ll describe the brief and how to work with a UX persona. Then you’ll learn how to create straightforward wire frames. From there. We learn how to implement colors and images properly in your high fidelity E mockups.

You’ll learn the dos and Don’s for choosing fonts for web and mobile apps. You’ll learn how to create icons buttons and all sorts of UI components. You’ll understand all the scary terms like component sets, constraints, and multidimensional variants. They’re all very easy ones you get to note will also make our lives easier by using free UI kits and plugins for Figma to speed up our workflow. We’ll build a simple style guide ready for colleague or client handoff. You’ll know how to make both simple and advanced micro-interactions page transitions and animations.

Before the end of this course, you’ll have fully done prototypes ready for user testing all the way through to collaborating with other team members and exporting the right files. Ready for handoff to your developer or software engineer. You’ve got assignments that I set throughout the course, uh, so that you can practice and develop your skills. Plus, you’ll have something unique for your portfolio at the end. All right. It is, is time to upgrade yourself and go from Figma zero to Figma arrow to sign up, and I’ll see you in class.

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Now, this shirt, this shirt made a whole lot of sense. It makes a whole lot of mind later on when you know Figma a little bit more, but at the moment, I’ve realized it’s come across a little bit. Probably just creepy, but it’s made now and, we’re going to have to live with it. So sign up for the course. I’ll see you there all.

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